• R419 is a super easy to operate smart fan for veterinarians: the parameters
  • Presets will automatically appear only input weight of the animal. Supports VCV, PIPCV and
  • APNEA to meet multiple clinical applications.
  • Automatic preset parameters when entering the weight of the animal
  • Veterinarians can store and retrieve 20 sets of parameters
  • APNEA mode available, do not interfere with the patient’s spontaneous breathing
  • Identify and quell the alarm, control the respiratory system throughout process


Technicial Specifications:

  • Display: 5 inch color touchscreen, knob control
  • Flow Meter: Mechanical control, dual tube, Low Flow Range: 0-1 L/min – High Flow range: 1- 10L/min
  • Patient Weight: <100 Kg
  • Tidal Volume: 20-300ml / 300-1500ml (with 2 bellows option)
  • Respiration Frequency / Respiration Rate: 2-60bpm / I:E = 1:1.1.-1:1:4.0
  • Ventilation Modes: VCV/PIPCV/APNE