• Compact structure and easy application
  • Integrated design creating a simple and comfortable workspace
  • Use with rebreathing circuit and non-rebreathing circuits
  • Continuous monitoring of circuit pressure with pressure measurement
  • Ease of emergency response with emergency oxygen valve
  • FDA-approved Mindray Vaporizers that do not require calibration with Sevoflurane and Isoflurane options
  • Automatic parameter adjustments according to weight
  • Intelligent ventilation mode adapted for animals
  • Backup apnea ventilation to prevent hypoventilation
  • Breathing Synchronization: Less breathing resistance with smart trigger
  • Lower risk of leaks thanks to the integrated ventilator’s non-exposed tube design
  • 8 inch capacitive touch screen, intuitive operation
  • Electronic operation by high-performance turbine
  • 4 lockable swivel casters


Technicial Specifications:

  • Precise ventilation: 5 ml minimum tidal volume
  • Flow Meter: Mechanical control, single tube, Flow Range: 0L/min ~ 4L/min
  • CO2 Canister: 1500mL
  • Vaporizer: Isoflurane or Sevoflurane
  • Breathing Circuit: Rebreathing circuit, Non-rebreathing circuit
  • Wheel: 4 swivel, lockable wheels
  • Number of Baskets:1