Bonnie Pouch Govedina hrana za odrasle mačke

100 g
COMPOSITION: Meat and animal derivatives (beef 5%), minerals, inulin (0.1%).


Crude Protein  8,5% Vitamin D3 250 IU/kg
Crude Fat 4,5% Vitamin E  15 mg /kg
Crude Cellulose ( Fiber )  0,3% Copper 1 mg/kg
Moisture   83% Manganese 1 mg/kg
Crude Ash  2,5% Zinc 15 mg/kg
Biotin 20 µg/kg
Taurine 445 mg/kg

FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: One average sized cat ( weight approximately 4 kg) requires one pouch per meal, 3 pouches per day. These indications are guidelines. The individual daily requirement depends on other factors, such as age, breed and activity. Please serve at room temperature. Please always offer animals sufficient fresh water.