The new JYF-10 D is a device manufactured according to CE, ISO 9000, ISO 13485, DNV and MD standards by a company that has been producing medical devices since 1958.


  • Using the international advanced technology,efficient integrated design,high efficiency,low radiation.
  • Using microcomputer intelligent control,not only remote controlled exposure,but more powerful function of low voltage alarm and high voltage protection.
  • Micro focus technology,much more clear image and accurate diagnosis.
  • The base has two modes of mobile and fixed ,pneumatic lift  soat ensures more convenient for dentist and more comfortable for patient.
  • Can use lightroom dental film,imaging in one minute,maximum convenient dentist to diagnose.
  • Can connect to dental digital imaging system,that is indispensable for clinicians to diagnose and root canal filling


Standard specifications:

  • Power supply:AC220V±10%,50HZ,1KVA
  • Tube voltage:60Kvp
  • Tube current:8mA
  • Focus size:0.8mm
  • Total filtration:2.5mmAL
  • Exposure time:0.2-4s
  • Leak radiation:outside one meter≤0.002mGy/h(national standard:0.25mGy/h)


1. In order to ensure safety in operation and use, good ground lead must be installed well.
2. Because small X-ray machine’s thermal capacity is limited, attention should be paid to making the machine work intermittently.
3. Only during exposure process this machine will produce X-rays. It won’t produce X-rays in power-off state, neither in power-on state as long as not in exposure.
4. If any unforeseen circumstances occur during correct use, operators should cut off the power immediately and stop using the machine. It cannot be used again until it is overhauled and qualified.
5. Before leaving the factory, each X-ray device is equipped with an additional filter plate with the following specifications: 1.0/0.5mm aluminum sheets.
6. Every time when disassembling the machine, disassemble the head first and then other parts.
8. Every time after using the machine, recover the cross arm to the highest point, and then place the machine head in an equilibrium position.
9. Every time after using, sterilize and clean beam tube end that contacts the patient with medical alcohol.
10. Clean the machine surface with a dry cloth every week and inspect whether the connectors contact well.
11. Pay attention to machine maintenance. Check whether the indicator lights, display, rotary knob, switch, and remote control work normally; whether the X-ray source modules leak oil; whether when X-ray source modules expose produces any abnormal noise; or whether fixed screws in the mechanical part loose, and the like.
13. The rated capacity of the machine is 1.1kw. Please select power supply or power grid with a power supply capacity greater than 1.5kw. If network voltage in this region is abnormal, we recommend matching 1.5KW or higher industrial voltage stabilizer, to prevent damage to the machine and reduced machine life due to abnormal voltage