The Farmfreund delivers an electronic impulse that stimulates the animal’s natural nervous system, This allows the animal to become immobile for the duration that the pulse is applied. To do safe castrations, dehorning, branding, hoof trimming, mastitis treatment, and ear marking.

The Instrument was designed for mobile use with rechargeable batteries. Do not use it on animals while recharging it or while the charger is plugged in. The animal should stand in a treatment facility and/or be able to lean sideward, since otherwise vestibular disorders or side steps can occur. Please make sure that the animal does not squeeze its head or other parts of the body when leaning sideward.

The instrument should always be switched off when introducing the probe. Switch off the instrument again before removing the probe, because the animal could be frightened or make defensive reactions. Stop lifting the tail of the animal following the introduction of the probe, since otherwise the probe could slip out of the anus. Only increase the strength of the impulses gradually until the immobilisation effect occurs.

Before using the instrument, it should always be tested for operational safety. When the battery alarm signal

is heard, the instrument should no longer be used but recharged, since the effect can then quickly reduce during use. This could lead to injuries.

Clean and dry the probe before and after using it. The instrument is not waterproof, clean with a slightly wet cloth only, then dry and store it in a dry environment. When using the instrument, make sure that the probe does not slip out of the animals anus.

Do not open the instrument. If you open the sealed screws, your warranty claim for the instrument extinguishes.